Ferrous Processing

OMT utilizes automated heat treatment and an automated paint line to produce high quality heat treated and painted drive shafts from various types of steel. Our processes conform to the AIAG requirements for special processes with CQI-9: Heat Treatment Systems and CQI-12: Coating Systems.


We are OMT - Associate Testimonials

"The value that I add to OMT starts with good work ethics. I RGstrive to stay productive, not just busy. I care about the people I work with, in my department and others, and I always come to work with a positive attitude and provide encouragement for my fellow team members." -RG

"I bring a good attitude to work every day and treat my fellow associates in the same manner as I would like to be treated. I add consistency, great work ethic, loyalty, and a dynamic mindset that allows me to continuously improve my knowledge of OMT's processes." -JT

"I set high standards and push for improvement by bringing out the potential in others. In creating a positive environment for my fellow associates, I believe that everyone benefits by obtaining an improved outlook of their jobs and a sense of increased self-worth." -JR

"The team leads at OMT add a sense of pride and responsibility to our work. We take pride in what we do and try to pass that pride on DBto other team members. We also take responsibility for our work and accountability for the quality of products we produce in every department. We help to obtain customer satisfaction and goals on the floor. As team leads, we are meant to lead by example." -DB

"I believe that I add a smile to OMT. I believe that making people smile and being happy at work adds a more positive attitude and creates a more positive workplace. When people are happy at work everything seems to flow so much better. Smile!" -AC