Aluminum Processing
OMT utilizes CNC machining centers and automated workcells to produce aluminum flange and tube products. These items are produced for sale individually or can be combined into an aluminum assembly product.


We are OMT - Associate Testimonials

"I am 19 year veteran of OMT. I strive to dBHo the best in my ability to produce the best quality part that I can. I strive to do better each and every day." -BH

"I add a positive attitude and produce quality parts for our customers." - HW

"I strive to work hard and I value my position at OMT. I take pride in producing and shipping quality parts to our customers." -JF

"I work hard and value my position here. I work hard to help produce and ship quality parts to our customers." -BW

"With a positive attitude, discipline, and enthusiasm, I work with our robotics and machinery to complete preventative and routine maintenance that ensures that we make the best parts for our customers. I love coming to work every day and working with my equally motivated peers." -NJ

"I bring teamwork, to complete our duties in a timely manner, communication to help with efficiency, a helpful attitude, and respect for my fellow associates." -JC

"I do my very best for the company every day." -OM

"As an inspector, I ensure that no bad parts make it out to our customers. I also ensure that orders are on time and that all parts produced meet or exceed our customer's requirements." -JW

"I ensure that only quality parts with the correct packaging and labeling are sent from our department to our customers." -DR